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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thieves - Scum of the earth

So, yesterday my truck was broken into at work. 14" Monkey wrench through the window. They threw it twice. The first time it hit the door and dented it all to hell. The second time it went through the passenger window and hit the inside of the driver window and came to rest on the floor of the driver side. They reached in and took my iPod and the Belkin FM transmitter that it was sitting in.

Cops were cool...Deputies. One was an FTO and the other a 16 year veteran just making it into patrol. He was pro CCW but when I mentioned his boss, Hutchens, and her position on CCW, he said, "well she's a citizen too". I responded, "well...she's sworn and can carry so she doesn't have to worry about it." He said, "OH yeah." like, oh yeah, you're right...and I didn't think about it that way.

Anyway, it was a shitty situation where the cops ended up being cool and that made it a little easier. I had to wait about 1 1/2 hours for the CSI girl to come take prints and photos... Nothing great on my truck but some good stuff on my co worker's car. the CSI tech also said that there was a chance that there'd be some "good DNA" on the monkey wrench. Let's hope so.

Also, is a website that says it will let you know when your devices come online. Sign up, put in your device serial, and that's it.k I don't know if it works...I guess I can test it on an old device. The site says that you can make it flash a message on the iPod like, "Please return to...". Check it out.

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BillH said...

That's why I never leave a gun in the truck. A dirtbag punk with an iPod is still just a punk. But a dirtbag punk with a stolen gun is a timebomb. You're lucky it was just the iPod.