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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Truth About the Gunshow "Loophole"....

.....there isn't any.

by Cowtown Cop
This last Saturday found my Dad and me at the Dallas Market Hall gun show. It was possibly the largest show I have ever seen there. There was lots of good stuff although prices seem to have risen since the last show I attended. The one thing that there was a lot of was person to person transactions. That’s what I want to talk about.

There is a growing trend among politicians and the media who have bought into the idea that there is this mysterious “gun show loophole” that must be illegal, immoral and dangerous just because of the name, right? This term is misleading and strives to make a perfectly legal and normal practice sound shady and wrong.

As I walked the long trek from my car to the front door I saw several folks engaging in open, above board transactions to buy, sell or trade firearms. This is not illegal. You can do it any where, not just a gun show. There just happens to be more of them at gun shows because that is where lots of people with guns to sell or trade congregate. We could all get together in a town square and sell each other guns and there would be nothing illegal about it. Why all the fuss then?

As I walked, I looked at the massive number of cars that were clogging the parking lot. I know for a fact that these cars kill far more people every year than guns do. Yet no one is calling for a ban on person to person car sales. There is no movement to ban high capacity vehicles (buses) or “assault cars” favored by criminals to carry out their nefarious crimes (’87 chevapontacadibuicks).

Why then is there such a fear of person to person firearms sales. I think it is because it SCARES some people. You, yes I mean you reading this right now. You scare the pants off of some folks with your guns and your independent attitude. How is the government going to take care of us all if you go and take care of yourself? It’s just not fair.

So the next time I hear someone talking about the importance of closing the “gun show loophole” I’m going to give them a great big Teddy Roosevelt smile with lots of teeth and a crazy glint in my eye and ask “Hey, you wanna buy a gun?”

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