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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Anti Freedom Senator - Dianne Fienstein

This is what the good concealed carrying Senator, Dianne Feinstein has to say to one of her constituents, me, about over ruling DC. How does this woman get herself elected??

Dear Mr. DJK:

I received your letter expressing support for the "National Capitol Security and Safety Act" (H.R. 6842). I want you to know that I appreciate hearing from you on such an important topic. I welcome the opportunity to respond.

Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) introduced H.R. 6842, which would require the District to conform its laws to the Supreme Court's ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller. During consideration of the bill, Representative Travis Childers (D-MS) attached an amendment that would repeal most of the existing District of Columbia gun laws. Among other things, the bill would repeal D.C.'s ban on semi-automatic weapons, including military-style assault weapons and it would repeal the Federal law prohibiting District residents from traveling to other states to buy handguns. It would also prohibit D.C. from enacting common sense gun laws, like requiring safe storage of guns in homes with small children. And it repeals gun registration requirements, making it more difficult for police to trace guns used in crimes. On September 17, 2008, the amended bill passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 266-152.

I believe this legislation is reckless and irresponsible - and will lead to more weapons and violence on the streets of our nation's capital. As a former Mayor of San Francisco, I have seen firsthand what happens when guns fall into the hands of criminals, juveniles, and the mentally ill. I believe that the legislation repealing Federal and District gun laws would place the families of the District of Columbia in great jeopardy.

Currently H.R. 6842 is not expected to be called up for a vote in the Senate. Please know that while this may be an issue on which we disagree, it is helpful to hear the views of Californians. I will keep your thoughts in mind as the gun control debate continues.

Again, thank you for letter. I hope you will keep in touch on matters of importance to you. Best regards.

Sincerely yours,
Dianne Feinstein
United States Senator

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quote of the Day - Gun Control Style....

"This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient and the world will follow our lead into the future!"

Adolf Hitler 1935

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blocking Palin's Motorcade.....what good would it do?

These idiots got very close to being commanded to the ground by heavily armed Secret Service agents who I assume aren't very forgiving.



Monday, October 20, 2008

Just so ya know...The Best Breakfast Ever

Mrs. K. and I went to Big Bear for our anniversary over the weekend. We ate lots of food and did lots of lounging around. Yesterday morning we got packed up early and went out to breakfast on the way down the mountain. We ate ate at Grizzly Manor Cafe...the best g--damned breakfast this side of....the Atlantic Ocean. The staff, one dude with a kick ass mustache and chest tats, was great. Friendly and willing to getcha whatever you needed. The coffee was outstanding. I got the two of the best, biggest, most wonderful buttermilk pancakes with two eggs and two slices of the most succulent ass-kicking bacon ever. Oh damn, I wish I would have taken a picture. The wife got something similar but smaller...just one steering wheel sized pancake....and I'm talking about the steering wheel in a 65 Caddy or a 65 Jeep Wagoneer. But, she got hash browns that we split....OH BOY, they were UNREAL~!!! This is good, down home, redneck, tasty two times food. Two times because I burped up a little hashy goodness and it was just as good as when I ate it... ;)

Grizzly Manor Cafe - GO THERE, Eat Lots!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama and the Attempt to Destroy the Second Amendment

As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama must demonstrate executive experience, but he remains strangely silent about his eight years (1994-2002) as a director of the Joyce Foundation, a billion dollar tax-exempt organization. He has one obvious reason: during his time as director, Joyce Foundation spent millions creating and supporting anti-gun organizations.

There is another, less known, reason.

During Obama’s tenure, the Joyce Foundation board planned and implemented a program targeting the Supreme Court. The work began five years into Obama’s directorship, when the Foundation had experience in turning its millions into anti-gun “grassroots” organizations, but none at converting cash into legal scholarship.

The plan’s objective was bold: the judicial obliteration of the Second Amendment.

Joyce’s directors found a vulnerable point. When judges cannot rely upon past decisions, they sometimes turn to law review articles. Law reviews are impartial, and famed for meticulous cite-checking. They are also produced on a shoestring. Authors of articles receive no compensation; editors are law students who work for a tiny stipend.

In 1999, midway through Obama’s tenure, the Joyce board voted to grant the Chicago-Kent Law Review $84,000, a staggering sum by law review standards. The Review promptly published an issue in which all articles attacked the individual right view of the Second Amendment.

In a breach of law review custom, Chicago-Kent let an “outsider” serve as editor; he was Carl Bogus, a faculty member of a different law school. Bogus had a unique distinction: he had been a director of Handgun Control Inc. (today’s Brady Campaign), and was on the advisory board of the Joyce-funded Violence Policy Center.

Bogus solicited only articles hostile to the individual right view of the Second Amendment, offering authors $5,000 each. But word leaked out, and Prof. Randy Barnett of Boston University volunteered to write in defense of the individual right to arms. Bogus refused to allow him to write for the review, later explaining that “sometimes a more balanced debate is best served by an unbalanced symposium.” Prof. James Lindgren, a former Chicago-Kent faculty member, remembers that when Barnett sought an explanation he “was given conflicting reasons, but the opposition of the Joyce Foundation was one that surfaced at some time.” Joyce had bought a veto power over the review’s content.Joyce Foundation apparently believed it held this power over the entire university. Glenn Reynolds later recalled that when he and two other professors were scheduled to discuss the Second Amendment on campus, Joyce’s staffers “objected strenuously” to their being allowed to speak, protesting that Joyce Foundation was being cheated by an “‘agenda of balance’ that was inconsistent with the Symposium’s purpose.” Joyce next bought up an issue of Fordham Law Review.

The plan worked smoothly. One court, in the course of ruling that there was no individual right to arms, cited the Chicago-Kent articles eight times. Then, in 2001, a federal Court of Appeals in Texas determined that the Second Amendment was an individual right.

The Joyce Foundation board (which still included Obama) responded by expanding its attack on the Second Amendment. Its next move came when Ohio State University announced it was establishing the “Second Amendment Research Center” as a thinktank headed by anti-individual-right historian Saul Cornell. Joyce put up no less than $400,000 to bankroll its creation. The grant was awarded at the board’s December 2002 meeting, Obama’s last function as a Joyce director. In reporting the grant, the OSU magazine Making History made clear that the purpose was to influence a future Supreme Court case:

“The effort is timely: a series of test cases - based on a new wave of scholarship, a recent decision by a federal Court of Appeals in Texas, and a revised Justice Department policy-are working their way through the courts. The litigants challenge the courts’ traditional reading of the Second Amendment as a protection of the states’ right to organize militia, asserting that the Amendment confers a much broader right for individuals to own guns. The United States Supreme Court is likely to resolve the debate within the next three to five years.”

(45:17-18; online link; slow).

The Center proceeded to generate articles denying the individual right to arms. The OSU connection also gave Joyce an academic money laundry. When it decided to buy an issue of the Stanford Law and Policy Review, it had a cover. Joyce handed OSU $125,000 for that purpose; all the law review editors knew was that OSU’s Foundation granted them that breathtaking sum, and a helpful Prof. Cornell volunteered to organize the issue. (The review was later sufficiently embarassed to publish an open letter on the affair).

The Joyce directorate’s plan almost succeeded. The individual rights view won out in the Heller Supreme Court appeal, but only by 5-4. The four dissenters were persuaded in part by Joyce-funded writings, down to relying on an article which misled them on critical historical documents.

Having lost that fight, Obama now claims he always held the individual rights view of the Second Amendment, and that he “respects the constitutional rights of Americans to bear arms.” But as a Joyce director, Obama was involved in a wealthy foundation’s attempt to manipulate the Supreme Court, buy legal scholarship, and obliterate the individual right to arms.

Voters who value the Constitution should ask whether someone who was party to that plan should be nominating future Supreme Court justices.

Barack Obama is a Liar.

Let's have some fun enumerating and identifying at least some of the numerous lies Barack Obama told during Wednesday's night's 3rd and final Presidential debate.

1. Barack denied beginning his campaign for the Illinois Senate in the living room of terrorist Bill Ayers. That is a lie. The record from all of those who were there say it is true. Not only that but Ayers helped bankroll Obama's campaigns for the Illinois legislature, along with convicted felon Tony Rezko.

2. Barack said that Bill Ayers is 'a university professor in Chicago,' insinuating that he has moved beyond his terrorist past. That is a lie. The truth is that Bill Ayers never repudiated his bombing of the Pentagon, Congress, and several other structures during the 60s, and in 2001 he stated 'he wished he had done more.' Ayers is nothing more than an extremist Leftwing radical to this very day.

3. Barack stated that the Annenberg Foundation, which funded Ayers' radical Leftwing educational program, is a mainstream organization made up of many Republicans. And this legitimizes their funding for Ayers how? Ayers' educational program, which Obama worked for, is not about education but about political extremism and raising up a generation of Leftwing radicals. The 'education' moniker is nothing but a front for the organization's subversive political goals.

4. Barack has identified anyone making $250,000 as 'rich,' including small business owners who include their companies' profits together with any compensation they may have received as a sub-chapter 'S' corporation or an 'LLC.' That is a lie. These small business owners are not rich. They do provide jobs, however. And Barack wants to raise their taxes at a troublesome time in the economy. This is part of his 'Robin Hood' approach to steal from others to give money to the poor. 'Plumber Joe' is a good example. Barack brushed aside his complaints about taxes and told him he wanted to 'spread the wealth around.' Joe is not wealthy, Barack.

5, Barack claims pro-life and pro-abortion folk can 'come together and find common ground.' That is a lie. It is impossible for those who value human life to find common ground with someone who supports infanticide. Barack is one of the most rabid pro-abortion advocates in the country, and he supported a bill that would remove ANY and ALL restrictions on any type of abortion at any time during the pregnancy. THIS is unconscionable.

6. Barack stated he voted to withhold medical care from babies who survive abortion attempts because Illinois already had such a law on the books. That is patently FALSE. The issue came up as a result of a specific case where a doctor botched an abortion and the staff took the baby, which was still alive, put it in a dark closet, and denied water and food and medical care to the infant. The proposed law would have prevented that atrocity. Barack voted against preventing such atrocities.

7. Barack says repeatedly he wants a tax cut for 95% of Americans. That is a lie. He wants the Bush tax cuts to expire, which will immediately give Americans the largest single tax increase in U.S. history. You can't claim you are for tax cuts if you want the Bush tax cuts to expire. That means ALL of us will pay higher taxes.

8. Barack blames Republicans for the economic troubles in the housing industry. That is a lie. Look no further than the Democratic Congress and Democrats such as Chris Dodd, Charles Rangel, and Barney Frank, and you will find who is to blame. Even Barack had cozy deals with Fannie and Freddie's CEOs, and it was Fannie and Freddie that started this whole mess. Plus, don't forget the Democrats have controlled Congress for 2 years, not Republicans.

9. Barack lied about the McCain record in Congress and even his own non-record. He blames McCain for voting for budgets submitted by the President, although they had been tweaked by Congress, when a majority of both Parties in Congress voted for them or else they would not have passed. But then, Barack isn't really in a position to know what happens in Congress. He has been out campaigning for President during the entirety of his short, 2-year Senate career.

10. Barack lied about the McCain healthcare plan leading to employers dropping workers from coverage. In fact, BARACK's centralized government-controlled healthcare plan is a sure-fire way to motivate employers to drop their employees from coverage. They will simply conclude that since government is going to do it, then why should they?

And then, it's hello Canada and Great Britain with their disastrous national healthcare plans. You had better hope you stay VERY healthy if Barack Obama is elected President.

Thus, the debate on Wednesday night did nothing but confirm that Barack can calmly and reassuringly look you in the eye and tell one lie after another like a smooth-talking used car salesman on a back lot in the south side of Chicago.

Ohio Secretary of state hiding 200,000 fraudulent voter cards??

Not only has ACORN been shown to be a sham, engaging in illegal practices to get out the vote for Obama under the guise of merely 'registering the poor to vote,' but today we learned that the Secretary of State in Ohio has admitted to hiding over 200,000 fraudulent voter registrations from election officials.

The controversial and rabidly partisan Secretary, Jennifer Brunner, admitted that she has been concealing 200,000 questionable registrations from the local election boards.

Brunner is the one who implemented the highly controversial plan for 'same-day early registration and voting' in Ohio a couple of weeks ago--a system so full of holes that an individual could potentially register and vote in every single county in the state without election officials having the means to check for such massive voter fraud.

The latest news concerning Brunner is yet another stunning and frightening example of just how questionable Election '08 has become.

And the Brunner scandal isn't the only problem. Reports are coming in from all across the nation concerning such voter fraud.

As for ACORN's role in this, an organization that accepts multi-thousands of dollars from Barack Obama and his campaign is clearly NOT a 'neutral, bipartisan voter registration organization,' particularly in light of the fact that they have been caught bribing individuals to register numerous times so that they can vote for Obama under dozens of names, registering individuals under fictitious names and the names of the deceased, and offering to 'provide transportation to the underprivileged so that they can go and vote for Obama.'

And this is not to mention the number of convicted felons who are disqualified from voting yet are being added to voter registration rolls anyway--illegally.

The entire scenario reminds one of the shenanigans that occur in third world Communist dictatorships that claim they are holding 'democratic elections' but rig those elections so that only the ruling party wins.

Before he is even elected Chairman Ba-O is already presiding over the most scandalous and corrupt campaign in U.S. history, which is one of the many reasons why his Presidency, if you can call it that, will be illegitimate, assuming he actually gets elected.

As I have stated before, Obama will NEVER be 'my President' no matter what the election results show in November. Nobody who subverts the Constitution to support the banning of Second Amendment rights, First Amendment rights, and infanticide will ever be my President.

The most appropriate title we can give him is that of Mao Tse Tung of China, the Communist who took over the country in 1948. They called him 'Chairman Mao.' Now we have our 'Chairman Ba-O.'

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Dumbed Down Generation - Grooming America for Socialism

As I contemplated the possibility that the Obama bandwagon could well steam-roll over all of us who cherish liberty, the thought occurred to me that this could be the culmination of years of hard work by those who have a vested interest in destroying America.

The 60s generation gave us school busing, lower standards in schools, safeguarding 'self-esteem' at all costs even if it means giving passing grades to those who can't read, and of course, Leftwing radicalism that called America evil and Communism/Socialism good.

Some among that generation never gave up their vision for a different kind of America where the Constitution is considered a relic of the past and where government is all-powerful.

After all, the Constitution was written by 'a bunch of old men who believed in slavery,' as Whoopie Goldberg stated during an interview with John McCain some time ago on that joke of a TV program, 'The View.'

This, of course, is meant to silence all defense of the Constitution out of the fear one may be tagged as a racist.

Whoopie, of course, failed to mention that this very Constitution FREED slaves. One cannot hold people who lived in the 18th century to 21st century concepts. But the principles espoused by those 'old men' in the 1700s led to slavery being outlawed in the 1800s. The principles themselves were so forward-looking that even the Founders didn't know all of the ways in which liberty could express itself.

In addition, many products of our public school system today seem to think that mass murderers like Che Guevara, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, and Chairman Mao are pretty cool guys. Communism and Socialism are accepted as good ideas. Nevermind that in each case where these ideologies gain a foothold, citizens are robbed of their rights and multi-millions are murdered by their own government.

Do most students in America today know this?

Absolutely not!

Even John Edwards, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama didn't know that the Second Amendment is a right, not a privilege. And each of these are lawyers!

By the way, why is it that not a single reporter in the media has asked Barack Obama why his campaign offices across the country have pictures of Cuban mass murderer Che Guevara hanging all over the walls? Guevara, of course, was one of Fidel Castro's hatchet men when he first came to power in Cuba, making sure the opposition was minimized by the systematic slaughter of ordinary citizens.

But of course, Fidel Castro is considered a pretty good guy by Obama supporters as well.

Yet the Obama-worshippers in the mainstream media think we who oppose Obama are an 'angry mob!'

This must be la-la land. What's good is called bad, and what's bad is called good.

Therefore, it is no wonder that in 2008 a large number of Americans are going to march into the polls like zombies and pull the lever for a radical, anti-American, neo-Communist who believes in infanticide and outlawing handguns in this country.

The social engineers of the 1960s planned this out from the beginning. You see, in order for revolution to occur, you don't need guns or violence. All you need is to take over the school system, dumb down the students by lowering standards, withhold information about the Constitution and the men who wrote it, brainwash them in the ways of Socialism/Communism, until one day in the future you have an entire generation of Americans who think it's absolutely splendid that a person with an ideology like Barack Obama runs for President.

That one day in the future is now.

Monday, October 13, 2008

ACORN Raided

Now....why on Earth would this be happening?

Quote of the Day

Liberal Apologist made a comment about your posted item:

"My friend at work (who happens to be black and an Obama supporter) made a great point - what black guys do you know that have ever wanted to take away anyone's guns? The Black Panthers? Malcolm X? Fifty? Lil Wayne?"

WTF is that supposed to mean?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Quote of the Day - LAUGH of the day

Surprisingly, Obama accept their invitation. “You know what, I really really like ice cream, and I would love to have some ice cream with anyone who loves children…Who knows maybe I can swing their endorsement my way.” After being told by his staff why NAMBLA really really loves children, Obama reneged on the ice cream date adding, “I really really hate the First Amendment sometimes, I really really do.”

Of course he hates the 1st amendment...when it doesn't work in his favor...just like the rest of the Bill of Rights.


Michelle Obama tellin' jokes again....wait..she's serious???

For Breda - Me, as a young'un

Post a photo of yourself as a baby or a small child. (and if you do, let me know about it by linking back here, ok? Because, seriously? I need a distraction from the news today.) -

Scary Movie 2008 - The Indoctrination of the Obama Youth

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Quote...UNDERSTATEMENT of the Day

"Like a lot of my Democratic colleagues I was too slow to appreciate the recklessness of Fannie and Freddie. I defended their efforts to encourage affordable homeownership when in retrospect I should have heeded the concerns raised by their regulator in 2004. Frankly, I wish my Democratic colleagues would admit when it comes to Fannie and Freddie, we were wrong. By the way, I wish my Republican colleagues would admit that they missed the early warning signs, that Wall Street deregulation was overheating the securities market and promoting dangerously lax lending practices. When it comes to the debacle in our capital markets, there is much blame to go around for both sides."

Congressman Artur Davis, D-Ala