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Monday, October 20, 2008

Just so ya know...The Best Breakfast Ever

Mrs. K. and I went to Big Bear for our anniversary over the weekend. We ate lots of food and did lots of lounging around. Yesterday morning we got packed up early and went out to breakfast on the way down the mountain. We ate ate at Grizzly Manor Cafe...the best g--damned breakfast this side of....the Atlantic Ocean. The staff, one dude with a kick ass mustache and chest tats, was great. Friendly and willing to getcha whatever you needed. The coffee was outstanding. I got the two of the best, biggest, most wonderful buttermilk pancakes with two eggs and two slices of the most succulent ass-kicking bacon ever. Oh damn, I wish I would have taken a picture. The wife got something similar but smaller...just one steering wheel sized pancake....and I'm talking about the steering wheel in a 65 Caddy or a 65 Jeep Wagoneer. But, she got hash browns that we split....OH BOY, they were UNREAL~!!! This is good, down home, redneck, tasty two times food. Two times because I burped up a little hashy goodness and it was just as good as when I ate it... ;)

Grizzly Manor Cafe - GO THERE, Eat Lots!

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