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Friday, October 17, 2008

Ohio Secretary of state hiding 200,000 fraudulent voter cards??

Not only has ACORN been shown to be a sham, engaging in illegal practices to get out the vote for Obama under the guise of merely 'registering the poor to vote,' but today we learned that the Secretary of State in Ohio has admitted to hiding over 200,000 fraudulent voter registrations from election officials.

The controversial and rabidly partisan Secretary, Jennifer Brunner, admitted that she has been concealing 200,000 questionable registrations from the local election boards.

Brunner is the one who implemented the highly controversial plan for 'same-day early registration and voting' in Ohio a couple of weeks ago--a system so full of holes that an individual could potentially register and vote in every single county in the state without election officials having the means to check for such massive voter fraud.

The latest news concerning Brunner is yet another stunning and frightening example of just how questionable Election '08 has become.

And the Brunner scandal isn't the only problem. Reports are coming in from all across the nation concerning such voter fraud.

As for ACORN's role in this, an organization that accepts multi-thousands of dollars from Barack Obama and his campaign is clearly NOT a 'neutral, bipartisan voter registration organization,' particularly in light of the fact that they have been caught bribing individuals to register numerous times so that they can vote for Obama under dozens of names, registering individuals under fictitious names and the names of the deceased, and offering to 'provide transportation to the underprivileged so that they can go and vote for Obama.'

And this is not to mention the number of convicted felons who are disqualified from voting yet are being added to voter registration rolls anyway--illegally.

The entire scenario reminds one of the shenanigans that occur in third world Communist dictatorships that claim they are holding 'democratic elections' but rig those elections so that only the ruling party wins.

Before he is even elected Chairman Ba-O is already presiding over the most scandalous and corrupt campaign in U.S. history, which is one of the many reasons why his Presidency, if you can call it that, will be illegitimate, assuming he actually gets elected.

As I have stated before, Obama will NEVER be 'my President' no matter what the election results show in November. Nobody who subverts the Constitution to support the banning of Second Amendment rights, First Amendment rights, and infanticide will ever be my President.

The most appropriate title we can give him is that of Mao Tse Tung of China, the Communist who took over the country in 1948. They called him 'Chairman Mao.' Now we have our 'Chairman Ba-O.'

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