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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ford Model T vs Ford Ranger

I just read this and thought I'd share it. I'm very interested in where a new hemp industry could take us. But...the FedGov still classifies it as a "drug" and thus it is illegal. Which, I think is completely ridiculous. Read on....

On October 1st, 2008, the Ford Model-T turned 100-years-old. Back in 1908, the year my grandmother was born, this “universal car” as Henry Ford called it, became the first mass-produced car and the symbol of low-cost reliable transportation. But more important than it’s centennial, the Model T got 13-21 MPG (max speed 45 MPH), and it was the first flexible-fuel vehicle, running on gas, ethanol or both.
According to Model T collector Stu Chaney of the Model T Ford Club of America who appeared on the The CBS Saturday Early Show, “It will run on moonshine, gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel– about anything you can put a match to. And, whatever it runs on, it would pass today’s very strict emission standards, because it burns the complete charge in the combustion.”
Call me crazy but why are we no better off 100 years later? According the the US Department of Energy’s website,, the 2008 Ford Ranger Pick-Up gets 15 MPG (highway, city combine). I drive a Acura MDX and hardly ever go above 45 MPH and I am only getting about 15 MPH, and neither of these cars are Flex-Fuel vehicles.
Are you kidding me? So the 100 year-old Model-T did better on fuel efficiency than cars made today and it’s a flex-fuel automobile.


Anti Money Laundering said...

I'm always a Ford car lover. Just suits my taste.

Business Strategy Consulting said...

Thanks for sharing this. I've been fascinated with Ford ever since, its features and engine.